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We  are so proud to announce our DIR/ Floortime accreditation through the International Council on Developmental and Learning Disorders. This accreditation includes a staff of 26 who are all DIR trained or DIR certified practitioners. Below are some commonly asked questions:

1. Will the Floortime model support those children with weaknesses in verbal communication as well as those high verbal children who are in the emotional support programming?

Yes. The DIR/Floortime model focuses on the safety and regulation of all children here at WC. Our therapists and TIC certified specialists create a sensory profile/ emotional regulation plan for each of our incoming students. This plan will provide the framework into developing each child's functional emotional developmental capacity as they grow here at WC. This plan supports the child's ability to engage, communicate and problem solve intrinsically through building relationships as opposed to an extrinsic reward system. 

2. Does the Floortime/Relationship model involve the structure and schedule my child needs. 

Absolutely! We here at WC continue to run our daily programming around clear visual schedules for each child. This schedule includes preacademic/academic programming as well as robust daily therapies and social programming. 

3. I have been told that my child because of their diagnosis ( Trauma, ASD, ODD, ADHD)  cannot or will struggle to  form authentic relationships and engage in higher level intrinsic thinking , creating, problem solving and therefore will best develop through a behavioral/response approach. 

No way! The DIR/Floortime model believes that all people have the ability to develop in their Functional Emotional Capacities- regardless of their neurodevelopmental weaknesses. Our amygdala's can certainly develop at uneven rates, leaving many kids unable to cope with the demands of daily communicating, coping,  thinking! Our therapists (PT,OT,SLT) here at WC offer input throughout the day in order to maintain the healthy regulation and development of all of our kids.

What type of behavior plan will my child have?

Since the DIR/Relationship model starts with the safety, emotional and physical regulation of each child, our certified therapists and trauma team will collaborate to  create a sensory profile and  emotional regulation plan in place of your child's behavior plan. This SP/ERP will provide our parents, and their child 's team, with a comprehensive understanding of what regulation and dysregulation looks like for your child. We will weave this information into our DIR model in order to provide and support opportunities of regulation for your child as we strengthen the "muscles" in their critical functional emotional developmental capacities (FEDC's).

For more information on DIR/Floortime, please visit the ICDL website link below.



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