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Shamaecka and Robert Messina

Prior to attending White Clay School our son did not have the best public school experience.  He would often complain of not having friends and suffer severe panic attacks when preparing for school on a daily basis. His unfortunate experiences and our parental determination to give our son the best education possible, led us to White Clay and from day one it has been life changing.  When we first met with Andrea, she confidently advised us that she had the programming available to meet our son’s needs.  We were at first hesitant, but open minded to the possibilities. During the meeting, we discussed our concerns as parents regarding our son’s physical, mental, and academic progress. We had only witnessed regression and uncharacteristic behaviors from his current and previous school. Andrea was very empathic and understanding regarding our experiences and immediately began to share different programs offered at White Clay that could really help our son. Our meeting was so powerful, that we decided to take a chance with enrollment at White Clay.  Even after the first couple weeks of the White Clay ESY we noticed a difference.  He was happily getting ready for school in the morning and sharing different aspects of his day with us.  He started to become happy with attending school again.  The staff at White Clay are educated and have an extensive background working with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, which is clearly reflected in our son’s overall growth. I honestly feel, the staff understands who our son is as person and take the necessary steps to ensure that he succeeds.  We have only seen positive growth every day with our son whether it be reading, writing or just being able to express himself more fluently than we ever thought possible.  We are so happy with our decision. Our son is in a safe and healthy environment, where he continues to show academic growth while developing his social skills.  He loves going to school each day to learn and spend time with his friends.

We are happy to be a part of the White Clay Family,

The Messina Family 

Stacy and Gaeton Biscardi 

Parents of Will

"Our son had a horrible experience in public school Kindergarten. He was overwhelmed, misunderstood, and ostracized. White Clay Learning Center saw his potential when many others refused to do so. The teachers at White Clay gave our child his spark back and gave our family hope once again. Our son is thriving, gaining confidence, and learning. At White Clay Learning Center, he is not only known and understood, but cherished."

"The transformation in Will this year has been incredible to watch. Every single day that he runs out the front door with a smile on his face, and returns the same way, is a testament to you and the staff of WCLC and all of your hard work, kindness, and skill."

"Our deepest thanks to everyone at White Clay. We will be forever grateful for believing in our son and helping him to believe in himself."

Dani and Jay Tapper

Parents of Avery, 11 yrs.

"Our son came to White Clay in 4th grade.  He had been experiencing very bad anxiety and was not able to cope in a typical classroom setting.  He also was extremely impulsive and very rigid in his thinking which led to behaviors that were also not appropriate for a typical classroom environment.   The small, nurturing, creative, and ultra supportive environment at White Clay was exactly what my son needed to cope, learn, and grow.  The best part is that the academics are also extremely rigorous so I did not have to worry that he would fall behind.  After two years at White Clay, Avery was accepted to The Shipley School in Bryn Mawr.  I can 100% say that that never would have been possible without the support and total dedication of Andrea Shoap and her wonderful staff at White Clay."

Jessica O.

Mom to a 14 year old with learning disabilities and gifts!

"White Clay is an amazing environment where kids truly receive differentiated instruction and social and emotional supports. The teachers are outstanding with long expertise and keen judgement on how to reach and motivate students with a panoply of educational and needs. More importantly, perhaps, is the the fact that kids come out of there understanding that they belong to a caring community of learners and citizens-to-be. I know of no other school where children are so unconditionally accepted by their teachers and peers, where no bullying or unkindness is tolerated, and the ethos is one of stewardship of kids’ individual talents, the planet, and the need for an inclusive and just society. My daughter has attended White Clay for almost two years, and I could weep to see the difference in her. She is showing personal responsibility for her actions and assignments, and she is HAPPY. At the end of the day, an education is so much more than academics, and White Clay is an exceptional school and community where gifts are nurtured and each child finds his or her place as a valued member of the community."

Susan R.

Son Ryan, 13 years old

"Our son, Ryan, had a tough year at his previous school and got behind.  We met with Andrea, who was welcoming and warm and full of energy!  Ryan was won over right away!  As with anything new, Ryan was nervous but he was welcomed by both teachers and students and within days was feeling right at home.  He was given a program that included appropriate work, appropriate challenges, fun projects, creative ways of learning new subjects and wonderful field trips and he moved forward just as we had hoped.   The technology available (Kindles, iPads, laptops) is impressive, better than many larger schools!  Ryan is caught up to age group and classes and we could not be more grateful to Andrea and her team of teachers for all that they have done for our son!  If you are looking for a small environment with individual attention for your child, this is the place!"

Claire C.

Son 18 years old

"Our son was adopted from Russia at age 2 , diagnosed with severe malnutrition and fetal alcohol syndrome.  Through age 7 he displayed many delays in his behavior and learning abilities. We found Andrea's school during his traumatic second grade year. He then spent the next 6 years at White Clay Learning Center. Andrea's team was always in tune to his needs and very dynamic and creative in their approach in strengthening his executive functioning skills, reading skills, working memory and attention. He is now a confident, happy and successful student in our local high school . My husband and I once thought that our son's  challenges would prevent him from reaching for his dreams and finding success. Thanks to the incredibly competent staff at WCLC, he and we know that he can be a successful, happy and emotionally strong contributor to society."

Christine and Robert McGlinn

Parents of Seth

Words cannot describe the incredible academic experience my son had at White Clay. Andrea Shoap and her team create an environment for learning that meets every child where they  allow them grow and build confidence beyond measure. My son Seth attended WCLC for 5 years and made incredible gains not only academically but from a young elementary school aged boy into an independent, confident, responsible mature young man. Andrea and her team of teachers were truly the wind beneath his wings.  I recommend this lovely little Quaker school to anyone seeking a one of a kind, out of the box, magical and holistic academic experience for their child. 

Lynn M.

Son 15 years old

"Our teenage son has learned a lot at WCLC during the four years he has attended.  Academically, he has made great leaps.  He went from greatly disliking reading to having favorite books!  Socially, he has made lasting friendships that extend across ages and grades, even with students who have since moved away.  He has grown confidant of his skills and abilities.   We are grateful for a school offers an individualized curriculum that supports learning "outside the box", while still giving each student what they need to be challenged and prepare for the future.  WCLC is a school where students can thrive as they be their authentic selves."

Jack and Heather Wilson

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Five years ago, we found ourselves once again looking for the right fit for our son. We found out about White Clay by accident and we are so glad we did!!

White Clay has been home ever since for us. Our son has truly received an individualized education where he has flourished. They allowed him to explore his interests and challenge him in the areas he needed. He has made lasting friendships.  

His teachers have been wonderful as they have helped him to grow on this leg of his educational journey. We are sad to be leaving our family. The teachers have done a great job preparing him for high school. We would recommend this school to everyone.

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