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Tuition & 


White Clay School accepts both district funded and private pay students. We are presently working with 12 districts in Delaware, Chester and New Castle Counties. Our special education and BCBA specialists on staff  review each IEP and base the student's program and Tier Level according to the IEP and the student referral. 90% of our students are place on the Tier 3 Level, in either our Emotional/Behavioral Support or Structured Language Support classrooms. 

Tier 3  RTI Classroom Program

Our Tier 3 Intervention programming provide our students with elevated interventions and progress monitoring in  language, numeracy, reading, executive function, and  behavioral management.   After working with the student and assessing strengths and weaknesses, our teachers and specialists design the appropriate Tier 3 programming for your child.  Our Tier 2 programming is then added to complete your child's curriculum.

Tier 3 Programming could include the services of such areas of specialty:

Speech and Language Intervention

Occupational Therapy

Reading Intervention

Math Intervention

PCA- part or full time classroom support

Gross Motor Therapy

Transition and Life Skills

Physical Therapy

Transition Programming

Parents are not required to accept the additional Learning Support Plan for their child. However, the school reserves the right to deny admission to the child, if they are not enrolled in the recommended plan or require the parents to sign a waiver requesting an opt-out for this plan.


Tier 2 and Tier 3 Classroom Programs

Our Tier 2 track students are enrolled in our Tier 3 classrooms but require less intensive programming, Tier 3 interventions.  Each classroom's curriculum is designed to meet the individual needs of each of our learners. This  program often times provides the ideal support for those learners who perform better in a smaller environment.  It  includes our full curriculum behavioral and academic program, with no additional Tier 3  language , academic or therapeutic  interventions.


The tuition is calculated according to individual program design. 


2022/23 Tier 2 to Tier 3 Tuition Scale:

Tuition is based upon the student's level of intervention programming.


Base Tier 2 Program ........... $31,200.00 per year- includes :60 min per day of Tier 3 reading and/ or math intervention as well as our BCBA consultation and PBIS Plan which is developed for each of our students. 


Additional  Tier 3 programming  (such as: additional academic interventions, therapies, TSS services , or behavioral services) will be set upon development and approval of the student's program. 


Tier 3 Program.............$31,300.00 to $58,450.00

WC provides a transportation service at an additional cost.


Payment options are monthly or yearly (which may be divided into two payments a year). Installments begin on July 1st and run for 9 months.

There is an additional once yearly $150 registration/materials fee. Your child's place on the enrollment will be secured upon receiving this payment.