Virtual School Transitions to In Person School Begin Aug 19th

Our days online in our zoom and google classroom look similar to what we would be doing in our actual classrooms, but with the support of our parents on the other end. Our staff has created indivualized schedules for each student. Our BCBA is also offering programming for students and parents in order to support them and help guide us all through this very challenging time. In any given day , you may see the following on our students' schedules: 

  • Individualized or small group academic interventions

  • Class morning meetings or social language group

  • PE and Music class

  • Read aloud or book discussion

  • Social Sciences or Geography challenges

  • Tinker Cad or Project Based Learning programming

  • OT through theraplatform

  • SLP through theraplatform

  • Functional Skills programming

  • BCBA  led parent discussion groups

  • Resources for parents on our new Behavior Web Page - updated regularly

  • Parent consults with our BCBA

  • "Down on the Farm"  weekly segments with Miss Andrea at our barn

  • "How to" segments to support exectutive function and life skills

  • Heath and Healing sessions with Miss Amanda and Mr. Ray

  • Incentives built into each schedule in order to keep our kids going, while giving parents a much deserved respit

  • Daily meditation 

Harry is practicing for In person school soon!

                Click this link to see our Covid Safety Tour Video!



        White Clay School In Person Instruction  School Protocol 


Our pandemic coordinators are Andrea Shoap , Jill Kern and Amanda Sargent. Both Andrea and Jill will work together to ensure that all instructional and transportation guidelines are implemented and followed by all students, families and staff at White Clay School .


JIll Kern will oversee and communicate building health and safety as well as transportation protocol. 

Andrea Shoap will oversee staff and family health protocol as well as Emotional Support Classroom health and safety among staff and students. 

Amanda Sarget will oversee Structured Language Classroom health and safety among students and staff. 


 All of the below guidelines are based upon the CDC’s return to school protocol as well as various professional recommendations for our school’s unique population.  This protocol is fluid and can change at any time based upon: 

  1. The school’s  assessment of the child’s ability to adapt to the given schedule

  2. The county’s or state’s decrease or increase in cases

  3. The child contracting a health condition that would require a period of time for virtual instruction. 


White Clay School will offer in person / virtual programming to all of its students starting Aug 19, 2020. Our Emotional Support classes will start in person Mon-Thursday 8:45 to 2:30 each day and have virtual school on Fridays. Our Structured Language Classroom classes will start on a 2 day in person/ 3 day virtual schedule through Aug 28. Starting Aug 31, if  the 2 day in person child has demonstrated the ability to show progress in adjustment to the protocol below, then they will be transitioned to the 4 day IP/1 day V program . If the child struggles to demonstrate progress with the protocol specific to their class,  then the staff will plan a modified transition schedule to in person school in the best interests of the child and the school community. 


Our 2020/21 school calendar has been modified with an earlier student start date of August 19th and goes to June 5th 2021 . This calendar is posted on our WCS website and includes 18 days of Emergency Covid Recess ( no teaching days) that will be used at any time that the state requires school closure. 


 1. Attendance Protocol and Procedures


  • All families and staff will be required to read the protocol below, submit the daily health screening form and pledge to abide by the standards set forth. 

  • All families and staff must pledge to keep our school community protected by them and their household members by avoiding any situations where there are more than 15 people congregated together indoors within 6 ft of one another without a mask or have travelled outside of the CDC’s posted areas of travel restrictions . If this occurs, they will be asked to notify Andrea, Jill or Amanda and the child or staff member will not be permitted to attend school until a two week quarantine has been met. 

  • All Students who return to school must have their temperature taken daily at home by a parent before boarding the van. Staff must take their temperatures daily.  These students and staff  and parents must notify Andrea or Jill immediately if they or their child has a fever above 99.9 or has a possibility of being exposed to this disease by either: being in a location where covid was detected or being near a person who has a chance of being exposed to covid. 

  • There will be no visitors permitted in the building during the yellow or green phase . 

  • Parents may pick up/drop off  their child at the deck stairs at the side of the  building . A teacher will be waiting each am and pm to supervise this procedure.  

  • Students and staff must  complete our standard health screening form before school attendance. 

  • There will be a health and safety visual posted in all rooms and hallways in the school which will outline safe health practices which are proven to decrease the risk of spreading disease. 

  • Any staff or student who exhibits a temperature during school hours will go to the nurse’s office and leave through that back door or rest there until a parent can come get the student. Upon departure of the staff member or student, all items touched by that student or staff member will be disinfected. 

  • The staff member or student may return to school 72 hours following a normal temperature. The staff or child must submit a physician’s note before returning to school. 

  • All staff will use face coverings at all times when closer to 6 ft from student or staff.  

  • All students over 10 years of age (and if appropriate for that child) will use face covering when not in their designated “safe zones”, behind a safety window or outside and closer than 6 ft to another person.

  • Safe zones marked and curtained off with clear hanging plastic curtain will  be provided for each student if possible.  

  • All intervention specialists, teachers or therapists will use face shields or safety window  when working with students or work virtually with student. 

  • Face covering visuals will be posted on each classroom door, at the building entrance and in the hallway every 15 ft. apart. 

  • Students will be given a hand washing, transportation and covid safety tutorial upon their arrival back to school .

  • Hand washing visuals will be posted on each bathroom and kitchen door and above each sink in building. 

  • Building windows will be opened for 65%  of the day.

  • Bathrooms, bathroom doors and water fountains will be disinfected every hour of each school day. School vans will be disinfected after each trip throughout the day. 

  • The rest of the classrooms, light switches and doors will be disinfected twice per day- 

Once after lunch and once after departure. 

  • No more than 8 people (students and staff) will be permitted to be in a classroom together at the same time. Floor tape and clear suspended curtains will  designate each child’s individual space which will be 6 ft. or more apart from each other. 

  • Teachers and classrooms will stay together in designated pod clusters throughout the day  and have absolute minimal to no interaction with other pod clusters. 

  • The students will eat lunch each day at their individual work stations in the classroom. All student lunch materials will be transported back home at the end of each day. All school lunch materials will be disposable and thrown away at the end of each lunch period.  

  • No students outside of their 6- student group will interact during the day in the school building. 

  • One student at a time may use the bathroom or pass down the hall . Floor tape must be followed.

  • No students will share learning materials. Each student will be provided with their own: laptops, writing utensils, learning packets, learning equipment and materials, etc. 

  • Shared sports equipment will be disinfected after each use. 

  • All sports activities will be non contact and outside. They will abide by the CDC’s Considerations of Youth Sports.

  • Students and staff will be required to review health and safety visuals and guidelines weekly. 

  • Students and staff will apply hand sanitizer regularly throughout the day. 

  • All in- person students will be expected to adhere to White Clay’s covid protocol throughout the school day. All scheduled school demands/requests expectations  will be removed (following one verbal reminder)  in the event of a student’s continued increase in noncompliant behaviors which could include: 

1.     Not complying with  the 6ft space or touching any student or teacher

2.     Purposely not adhering to  the taped school routes, outdoor and indoor student placements or encroaching on another’s safe zone. 

3.     Refusing to following a teacher’s directive after one prompt


The Student will be directed to stay in their classroom’s safe zone for 15 minutes to indefinitely ( upon their request to return to the activity)  following any of the above infractions and given the opportunity to engage in a preferred activity there in order for the student to recover and make a better choice upon their return to class. If the student does not comply with this directive and leaves the safe zone, they will be escorted to the calming room and supervised there by an assistant teacher until they are ready to comply with the directive in their safety zone.  

  • Any student or staff member or those in their immediate household who contracts covid-19 will notify the school immediately. The entire school or the exposed or infected person’s school pod and staff will then take a 2 week virtual schooling period.


2. SLC  School Protocol

This protocol is aimed to protect our population of students who have other underlying health issues, language, behavioral , sensory or cognitive limitations which would impede the student’s ability to consistently follow covid protocol above. For this reason , additional measures to those above will be put in place in order to ensure the safety of these students and their educational providers. This group of students is determined by age and ability level as per the determination of the school .


  • All  students will work in the same small groupings of under 5 students or alone with one provider at all times. No student will work with more than 3 different providers closer to 6 ft from them throughout their academic day.

  • All intervention specialists or therapists will use face shields or be behind our plexiglass protective shield  when working with students or work virtually from another room in the school as the student’s paraprofessional offers in person guidance and support. All  in person therapy sessions will include a disinfecting and PPE change for staff if necessary.

  • student in regaining regulation if student becomes dysregulated. 

  • Change of clothes for student and staff will always be available in school . 

  • Social stories will be provided  throughout the day to promote compliance and understanding

  • 70% of student’s  day will be in their safety pods in their classroom or outside. 

  • CBI instruction put on hold . Students will go to the farm on a weekly basis.

  • Students will not be required to wear masks as they will not be within 6 ft of a classmate during the day and their provider will be wearing a mask or behind a protective shield. 


2. Transportation Protocol 

·       Students/Drivers will wear masks or safety shields in vans at all times.

·       Students will enter van individually and sit in assigned seats.

·       There will be one a maximum of 4 students in the  van . 

·       Students will not be permitted to touch one another. 

·       Students will keep any belongings to themselves and take all belongings out of van upon departure.

        Vans will be equipped with an aid who will ride with 3 or 4 students who are under 10 years of age and cannot wear a mask  or  older than 10 yrs of age and cannot wear a mask. 

·       Vans will be disinfected after child exits van. 

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