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    Emotional Support Transition


"Creative thinking inspires ideas. Ideas Inspire change."
Barbara Januszkiewicz

White Clay strives to continue to develop  each student's social , cognitive and academic growth as they enter their teenage years. Our belief is that a true learning environment works constantly on strengthening individual processing skills , while at the same time helping our students move up the ladder in their functional, emotional developmental levels.  We have developed programming for our transition students that continues to expand their interests as well as their social and cognitive growth. Our transition programming is a combination of academics which serve to continue the development of cognitive skills and functional /community programming in order to develop social and community growth.

Our Transition Classroom is designed for our 14 year old and above students who graduated from our ES-CCN programming and  are ready for additional: vocational, community based, and life skills programming in order to begin preparing them for successful adult living. 

Our Transition Program will include a combination of the following weekly components in addition to our Life Centered Education curriculum: 

  • Academic or Functional Skills

  • Life Skills  such as: lunch bunch, daily living and  CBI

  •  Essentials for Daily Living programming 

  • Vocational/Job preparation and volunteering opportunities with local partnering organizations.

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Our Life Centered Education curriculum is designed to target IEP trasition goals and objectives. Our teachers will implement this along side each student's daily academic lessons and additional programming. LCE is designed to correlate with transition IEP goals. 

Our transition students will be active in the Kennett Square community as they use their bank cards to shop, eat and budget for school programs. 

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White Clay has built partnerships with eager local community organizations where they will enjoy membership and weekly volunteering opportunities. We will use these and many other resources as we integrate our students into community living. 

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Our transition students will use their YMCA memberships to become active participants in several weekly activities. 

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