Our Tier 3 RTI Programs

White Clay School provides a rich learning environment for neuro diverse children who possess delayed communication development. This delay- whether it be trauma based or biological or a combination of  both, can affect fluid and natural development in areas of emotional regulation,  language,  sensory motor or visual spacial development. White Clay, through  RTI (Response to Intervention) academic  programming, builds upon the foundations of a child's ability to "think". Once the critical  foundational skills of attention, engagement  and communication are established , we can foster higher levels of learning and thinking (such as creative and logical thinking ) by introducing  our students to more academic interventions.  Our programs and curriculums are designed around each individual student by our certified professionals in no more than a 4 to 1 student teacher ratio. We create highly motivating, socially and emotionally rich learning plans for each of our students. White Clay School welcomes all school-aged students,  who thrive best in a small, structured and interactive school setting or have been diagnosed with:

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder

  • ADHD

  • Dyslexia or Dyspraxia

  • ODD

  • Pervasive Learning Disorder

  • Language Processing Disorder 

  • Nonverbal Learning Disorder

  • Apraxia



Occupational, Speech and Physical Therapy

Our specialized therapists provide varying degrees of   SLT , PT and OT for our students.  Our specialists are trained or certified in the DIR/Floortime model. We believe that understanding  each child's level of  emotional development is imperative above all else and the basis for further communication and learning. Our therapists work closely together with one another and our classroom staff, across all areas, as we capture the child's trust and attention in their preferred and natural activities. Following this natural engagement , we begin building a relationship of trust, joy and communication.  We believe then, that higher levels of thinking , learning and communicating will occur in our more academic settings. Our academic curriculums are as follows:

Academic Direct Teaching Instruction

Our evidence-based direct teaching curriculums are implemented for those students who fall more than a full grade level below in language, reading or math and who are ready for more rigorous academic programming. 

Our instructional curriculums include:


SRA Reading Mastery 

Reading Assist

Orten- Gillingham Based Reading Curriculums


Ispire Phonics Program

IXL Reading

Edmark Reading Program

Attainment Early Literacy Program

A to Z Headsprouts

Wilson Foundations


Touch Math

IXL Math

Attainment Math Program

Splash Learn


SRA Language for Learning

SRA Language for Thinking



Assessment of Functional Living Skills

LIfe Centered Education

Executive Function Independent Task Development

Our heavily resourced and visual classrooms provide our children with daily

opportunities for independent structured learning in order to develop weak

executive function skills.














Social/Emotional/Behavior Programming

Our  behavior  support team incorporate daily therapeutic social language groups, sensory room activities,  visual schedules,  play therapy and daily behavior communication data  to support and develop our students' emotional development .