Our Tier 3 RTI Programs

Our Tier 3 Program is designed around all of our students in order to provide them with more intensive academic, language or social/emotional deficits.  Our classrooms provide the appropriate individualized academics for each of our students while supporting their primary deficits in either:

  • Language delays  Structured Language Support Classroom (SLS)

  • Behavioral/Emotional delays Emotional Support Classroom (ES).  

Academic, behavioral, pragmatic language and therapeutic support are all provided in each classroom.  Our evidence- based, direct instruction is specifically designed for individual student needs as we apply our Response to Intervention (RTI) to determine each child's program. Our students each received their own recommended level of:  behavioral, language, academic and therapeutic interventions. 


We provide the following Tier 3 Interventions:

Academic Direct Teaching Instruction

Our evidence-based direct teaching curriculums are implemented for those students who fall more than a full grade level below in language, reading or math.

Our instructional curriculums include:


SRA Reading Mastery 

Reading Assist

Orten- Gillingham Based Reading Curriculums


Ispire Phonics Program

IXL Reading

Edmark Reading Program

Attainment Early Literacy Program

A to Z Headsprouts

Wilson Foundations


Touch Math

IXL Math

Attainment Math Program

Splash Learn


ABA Therapy

SRA Language for Learning

VB Mapps Language Program

SRA Language for Thinking

Fast Forward Language Processing Instruction



Essentials for Daily Living

LIfe Centered Education

Executive Function Independent Task Development

Our heavily resourced and visual classrooms provide our children with daily

opportunities for independent structured learning in order to develop weak

executive function skills.

Occupational, Speech and Physical Therapy

Our specialized therapists provide additional SLT , PT and OT

intervention to those students who need additional practice in sensory

and language strengthening.










Social/Emotional/Behavior Programming

Our BCBA and support team incorporate daily therapeutic social language groups, sensory room activities,  visual schedules, structured play therapy and daily behavior communication data  to support and develop emotional/behavior regulation deficits .