Middle School Emotional Support

Our ES middle school classroom provides  each of our students with the specific academic curriculum across all areas where they show both cognitive deficits and areas of strength. This therapeutic classroom  incorporates a high level of behavior management techniques throughout our kids’ day in order to improve: attention  mood regulation, coping skills, pragmatic communication skills, social interactions, critical thinking, executive function, flexibility and recovery skills. Additionally, we prepare these students for high school by increasing our expectations with a more demanding schedule. Our middle school students are given more opportunity for community service experiences, team projects and school-wide programming, such as school store and peer tutoring,

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Middle school  students working together as a team to complete tasks in an escape room activity.


Students engineering flood barriers for their cities to see if they could stop a flash flood!

Working Hard

Students working hard on their weekly book discussion presentations and school store!

Playing Hard