Our ES classrooms provide  each of our students with the full academic curriculum across all areas. We will then provide our RTI Tier 3 academic interventions in areas where they show both cognitive deficits and areas of strength. This therapeutic classroom  incorporates a high level of behavior management techniques throughout our kids’ day in order to improve: attention, mood regulation, coping skills, pragmatic communication skills, social interactions, critical thinking, executive function, flexibility and recovery skills. We offer the following ES primary  classrooms:


Primary 1 (grades 1 to 3)

Primary 2 (grades 4 to 6)


These students will then have to option of moving up to our ES middle school program

Primary 1 & 2 Emotional Support


In science we were able to create bubbles inside of bubbles by experimenting with the cohesiveness of water molecules. We figured out that we could create up to 4 bubbles inside a bubble as long a we inserted a straw that was wet...and we could keep the bubble intact even after we poked it with our fingers...as long as our fingers were wet! Bubbles are the best!

Examining one of our favorite invertebrates...earthworms! 


Music Class

Following directions is always more fun when you add music to it!


Our job was to buy the pies (and whipped cream) for our Thanksgiving meal donations!