Andrea Shoap

School Founder/Director and Lead Secondary Teacher

Andrea Shoap is White Clay School's, Director and leading teacher of our intermediate ES and SLS groups. She graduated from Penn State in 1988 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Education and a minor in Biology. Andrea went directly into teaching and taught in various grades for a few years in the Kennett Square and Avon Grove school districts, as well as in the Tower Hill School in Wilmington, DE. Andrea and her husband Michael then spent two years at the Iraklion Air Force Base on the island of Crete, where Andrea taught for the Department of Defense.

Andrea and Michael returned home to the U.S. in 1992. She opened up her preschool in 1993 just after her first child was born in order to provide the best of schools for her children, as well as other families who were interested in an individualized alternative approach to education. After several years of evolving and perfecting her program, White Clay School became an accredited K-12 nonpublic school in 2000. Andrea has since taken a wide variety of masters level courses in specific learning disabilities, and has since guided her school as one that provides excellence in instruction for all types of learners, through identifying, differentiating and enhancing learning strengths and weaknesses in all of their students. Andrea received her training certificate from the  TEACCH Training Program at  the University of North Carolina in order to continue to develop excellence in programs for WCS's student population. She continues her love of teaching young people, recruiting specialists and experts who share her school's approach and continually introducing the latest in programming at White Clay.

Andrea and her husband Michael have three children, all of whom spent their elementary and middle school years at White Clay, being educated by Andrea and her team. They live in a renovated barn in the heart of the White Clay Creek Preserve in Landenberg, PA. Andrea and her husband stay very involved with their three, now adult children, all who went on to become successful college athletes and are presently pursuing their  graduate or medical school degrees. Along with her family and her school, Andrea is passionate about running and yoga, horseback riding, knitting, hiking, gardening and reading the latest that educational research has to offer.

Our Faculty

Mary Ferrer- Assistant Director  

School Counselor/Lead Primary Emotional Support  

Classroom Teacher


            Lynn Beckmeyer

ES Primary Classroom Teacher



            Rebecca Callahan

SLC Primary Teaching Assistant




      Morgan Brandenberger

SLS Primary Classroom Teacher






             Cindy Duckworth

        Occupational Therapist


                Leticia Morales



             Jimmy Lamiet             





                                                                                                                   Jill Kern

                      Tracy Schubert                                                  Reading and Secondary 1

             Classroom (SLC) Teacher                                                      Teacher 










                  Amanda Saegent                                                     Melissa LaPearl                         BCBA /Special Ed Supervisor                               Primary ES Teaching Assistant                                                          

               Jason Schottin                                                                Justine Kinnaird

 Secondary Teaching Assistant                                          Intervention Specialist










          Natalie Ferrer                                                                    Crystal Steven                      SLC Primary Teaching Assistant                                         Paraprofessional










             Melody Clark                                                              Kristin Zucconi                                   Paraprofessionl                                             Speech and Language Pathologist



                                                                                               Sandra Alvarez                                 Kayla Allen                  Ray Smith- Chant               Paraprofessional                             Paraprofessional                Athletics













620 South Union Street

Kennett Square, PA


610 880-0114

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